I’ve just come from there. From Makkah. Every Muslim’s dream.  If there is only one thing exclusively special about our religion. It’s definitly Makkah.

I always tell myself that if anybody wants to witness Islam and Muslims at their most spirtual state, they should go to Makkah. There you will meet Muslims from all parts of the world. Some of them spent all their life saving for this journey. They would come from places as far as China. Some of these places I’m sure you haven’t heard of. When they reach finally their destination, many of them stay for many months during which some of them never leave the Holy Mosque at all. 

Although I’ve been to Makkah so many times, this journey is one of the best. This is due to one important reason. It was unplanned for. Or, to be more accurate, it was a wish unpredictably fulfilled.

Just let me take you to the details. It was on that day when our TV set was displayng  lecture by Sheikh Mohammad Hassan in our living room. I sat there reading a book, or I migt have been browsing through a newspaper, oblivious to the lecture when something struck my ears. It was one of the strangest stories I’ve ever heard. It was a story of a paralysed Egyptian man who, seeking cure for his paralysis, had flown to places as highly medically advanced as New york, London and Paris. But, to no avail. In his despair he sat by himself flipping through the channels when he saw The Ka’aba and the throng of people circling it. Only then it dawned on him that he would find his cure there. He called upon his sons telling them that he wants to visit the king at his home. Astonished, his sons wondered what was the matter with heir father and who was this king he wanted to visit. It was God. The king of all the kings. He wanted to visit Makkah. After some persuading they agreed to take him there. 

Upon reaching Makkah, he asked them to leave them by himself in front of the Kaábah. For two hours he kept praying for God devotedly. He said ” Oh God, I won’t leave this place unless I walk. Otherwise, I’ll stay here until I die.” For two hours he kept repeating hs prayer until he fell asleep when he heard a voice saying to get up and walk. As in a dream the man started walking when he realised that he was ACTUALLY walking. 

Oh, my. God has answered his prayer. Subhan Allah. 

Isn’t it a wonderful story?

I Guess so.

Anyway, it was after I heard this wonderful story that I felt a strong wish to visit Makkah and to pray for God there. Allah is Kareem. He granted me my wish and after almost three weeks I was there in Makkah performing my umrah.